photo gallery jquery

Galleriffic is a dynamic photo gallery solution designed to handle a high volume of photos efficiently. The new and improved 1.0 version of Galleriffic comes packed with exciting features to enhance the user experience and facilitate the creation and management of photo galleries.

Updated Compatibility and New Features

Galleriffic 1.0 has been updated to work seamlessly with jQuery 1.3. This version also introduces new events that allow for custom transitions, making it easier to design and implement unique effects.

SlideShow Auto Start and History Control

The slideshow feature in Galleriffic can now automatically start, providing a smooth and uninterrupted browsing experience. Additionally, the new version offers a setting to disable history and URL hashes.

Enhanced Image Loading

Galleriffic now supports the display of a loading element, such as an animated gif, while waiting for an image to load. This provides a clear indication to users that the gallery is working and loading the desired image.

Improved Thumbnail Handling

In Galleriffic 1.0, thumbnails are simply shown or hidden, rather than being rebuilt. This allows for the use of custom HTML as a thumbnail, providing greater flexibility in gallery design.

Custom HTML in Captions

This version replaces the invalid HTML attributes “description” and “original” with an optional caption element. This element can contain any custom HTML, offering even more customization options for your gallery.

Hyperlink Toggle for Slideshow

Galleriffic 1.0 replaces the toggle slideshow span with a hyperlink, providing a more user-friendly and accessible interface.

Custom Transitions and Modular Approach

By exposing both image and page transition events, Galleriffic 1.0 opens up new possibilities for creativity in image transitions. This design also encourages a more modular approach for extending Galleriffic’s capabilities.

Generating Slides and Thumbnails with jAlbum

Galleriffic does not automatically generate thumbnails and slides by itself. However, an excellent tool called jAlbum can be used alongside Galleriffic to achieve this goal. The Galleriffic jAlbum skin simplifies the process of creating personal galleries.

After installing jAlbum and the Galleriffic jAlbum skin, just choose your source image directory and an output directory, click “Make Album,” and voilĂ ! You now have a complete HTML gallery with three different size versions of each image.

With its extensive features and compatibility, Galleriffic 1.0 is the ideal solution for creating and managing dynamic photo galleries.