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SharePoint 2010: Programatically Retrieve Credentials from the Secure Store Service

SharePoint 2010’s Secure Store Service provides a way to map credentials and delegate access to remote resources. You may already be familiar with the MOSS 2007 Single Sign-on Shared Service, doctor which was the former equivalent. The Secure Store Service integrates seemlessly with Business Connectivity Services (BCS), treatment but it also features an API that… Read More »

MOSS FullTextSqlQuery API: Little Known Flags on Managed Properties

I just wrapped up a custom implementation of a faceted search web part that uses the MOSS Full Text Sql Query API. During the development, ed I ran into issues querying certain multi-valued Managed Properties, sickness specifically Skills and Interests. In my query, case I was using the CONTAINS predicate like such: SELECT UserProfile_GUID, PreferredName,… Read More »

SharePoint “Smart” Editor Parts

Stealing the name from Jan Tielens’ SmartPart for SharePoint, pharmacy I’ve put together a framework for building “Smart” Editor Parts — “Smart” Editor Parts being User Controls that serve as Editor Parts.  This blog post is an excerpt from the complete writeup of the framework. Downloads SharePoint Smart Editor Parts.docx (~159 KB) A complete writeup… Read More »

SharePoint FBA: Basic “All Authenticated Users” Role Provider

When managing users and groups within a SharePoint Web application configured to use Windows Integrated Authentication, cialis   there is a convenient “Add all authenticated users” link that adds a special Active Directory group – NT AUTHORITYauthenticated users – to the Users/Groups People Editor.  This group refers to any non-anonymous user, site which if you… Read More »

SharePoint smartsolutionupgrade stsadm command

I just released a new stsadm command in the Trentacular SharePoint 2007 Features CodePlex project called smartsolutionupgrade.  The purpose of this command is to perform Solution upgrades in a smart manner by performing the following actions: Accepts as input either a single Solution filename or a filename of a text file containing a list of… Read More »

SharePoint Enhanced List View Web Part

I just published an enhanced List View Web Part in the Trentacular SharePoint 2007 Features CodePlex project. The Web Part is a substitute for the out of the box List View Web Part with two additional capabilities: Toggling of views in place (without leaving the web part page) Ability to display lists located in different… Read More »