nHibernate in the Enterprise

I just recently received this response regarding the use of nHibernate within the division of the company I am working with:

… [nHibernate] has alot of promise I think but [coorporate] doesn’t consider it “stable” yet …

Are you kidding me? Where do these guys get their information? I guess the Microsoft Entity Framework is stable enough though.

Lets see, nHibernate is a port of the Java Hibernate Framework which was first released on November 30, 2001 (making it almost 8 years old). The major 1.2.1 version of nHibernate was released in November 2007, improving on the already stable port of the the Hibernate framework, adapting .Net 2.0 language features.

I began using the Hibernate framework in the Fall of 2005 being introduced to it by my colleague Winston Fassett. I switched over to .Net development in the Fall of 2006, and have been using nHibernate from the start.

Having used nHibernate since before the 1.2.1 release, I can safely vouch for its stability and performance … visit http://racenation.com for an example of my most recent nHibernate project.

I can’t say that some of the surrounding projects like Linq to nHibernate, although very cool, can be considered stable, but how long does a framework need to be around and used to be considered stable?