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SharePoint Logging and Microsoft’s Trace Log Provider

Microsoft has a posted example of how to log to the Trace Log here. So how does one use this in their application?  The below code is how I plugged it into our SharePoint development framework.  I’d love to hear how you are using it. Step 1: I modified the Microsoft’s TraceProvider’s RegisterTraceProvider and UnregisterTraceProvider […]

SharePoint Security Validation and Unsafe Updates

Seeing this? The security validation for this page is invalid. I am sure this error has good intentions, but it is showing its face far too often. Hristo Pavlov has written a good explanation on AllowUnsafeUpdates here. If you read my previous post and are attempting to update list items as the System User, you […]

SharePoint Security “Do As System User”

Scenario You are writing a custom web part or control and want to be able to access a list or resource within your code that the current user otherwise does not have permissions to.  For me, this happens quite frequently.  For example: Reading info from a list dedicated to storing Application Settings that only an […]

Top 5 Most Useful SharePoint Links of the Month

So I just completed and released to production my first approval workflow application using ASP.Net forms and Visual Studio Workflow Designer. I have combed through hundreds of web pages working out many many kinks. These are the top 5 links for this month (measured on subjective scale of usefulness to me for completing my project): […]