sharepoint central administration


Central Administration Extensions is a significant feature included in the Trentacular SharePoint 2007 Features CodePlex project. This feature allows for streamlined management of farm properties, making it a valuable tool for SharePoint developers and administrators.

Central Administration Extensions: Functionality and Benefits

The Central Administration Extensions solution deploys a custom action and page specifically designed to manage farm properties. These properties often include essential configurations, such as connection strings and log file locations, which apply to the entire SharePoint farm.

By centralizing these configurations, developers and administrators can maintain a consistent and organized approach to managing SharePoint farm settings.

Delegate Data Source: A Useful Addition

In addition to the main functionality, the Central Administration Extensions feature also incorporates a Delegate Data Source. This component is particularly advantageous for seasoned ASP.NET developers.

The Delegate Data Source exposes four primary data source methods: select, insert, update, and delete. These methods are presented as events, allowing developers to handle them directly in the code behind. This additional functionality empowers developers to manage data sources more efficiently, further enhancing the value of the Central Administration Extensions feature.

In Conclusion

The Central Administration Extensions feature within the Trentacular SharePoint 2007 Features CodePlex project offers an effective way to manage SharePoint farm properties. By streamlining the process and incorporating a Delegate Data Source, the feature provides a practical and efficient solution for SharePoint developers and administrators.