Great Reads by My Colleague Winston

I’m not sure how much exposure these posts are receiving, so I am posting them here because they are well worth the read:

On the WebForms vs MVC Debate

ASP.NET WebForms: As *Component Frameworks* Go, It’s Pretty Good

Winston Fassett is a previous manager of mine when I was working at ORIX USA, where building rapid applications for demanding financial analysts was our focus.  When I made the move to, the founder soon after lured Winston to join us, and from the ground up we architected and developed what is  I have learned an immense amount from working with him and can safely say he is the sharpest developer I’ve been in contact with throughout my career.  Also check out his self-developed mindmapping tool MindTree, which I am using extensively for a variety of tasks from meeting notes to project management.

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